The Place of Start

start with moonlight's
magnetic portal
fall backward in time
sift in night's obsidian sky
circle and measure
take stock
smooth and fold
lay open
allow water to pour through your hands,
fingers spread, reaching,
so used to holding so many threads together.
See, they are not cupped into a container,
will be forward in time-
but here is the place of start
a movement,
a magnetism,
a knowing,
a bird,
peeling paint on a weathered turquoise door-
it's ajar here.
Start with moonlight.

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This Poems Story

This poem is a recipe for allowing the next stage of one's journey to reveal itself. It is the threshold, the secret, the place of letting go, listening, preparing to cross into the unknown, where pushing won't work. I see the qualities needed to open in this receptive way as quintessentially feminine, so I used moonlight and words of the household-sift, circle and measure, smooth and fold-to reflect the feminine nature of the process. It is the beginning of all creativity and change, this free fall from which we sort, take stock, re-imagine, and re-enchant our lives.