The Plague

He sees the sickness rise,
The plague will reap through Venice,
And has the holy lamb of God
In France had its death now?
The body clearer is a wolf
Biting on the rewards of death.
Rats giving a dance with demise
A man offers healing herbs
With saintly grace and love to spare,
Seeing the charity in chaos,
Thank the angels in flesh
Can we all be heroes given the chance?
Only the heart will cure! a woman cries,
As her candle starts to darken too soon
Can you hear the piano sing at last?
Her eyes tearing red, clothes ripping
He grabs her sick or not, rushing
Let me save at least one life, he pleads
Life or death? both brooding
Seeking cleansing from the wise woman
The woods possess monsters,
With death being everywhere they look
Simply to live is an act of rebellion
She falls, as he picks her up,
The door to nostrum gazed back
Hallelujah, Lucifer will not win today
The light of inner power ends darkness
Nay, humanity's spirit rises again!

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