The Plan

He definately holds our future in the palm of his hand.
If we knew our own destiny, would we understand?
It's not meant to be known what life has in store for us.
If we had all the answers, would we know what faith in the Lord was.
Each and everyone of us are part of a great big plan.
When, where, why and how is unknown to any man.
We must live each day as though it may be our last.
Considering our life on Earth could become a thing of the past.
Life is taken for granted, never ready for the loss of someone dear.
We all have death in common, why is it something we all fear?
Is there something beyond the grave to look forward to?
Is there a heaven, will we recognize the people we once knew?
To have our questions answered, it's simple what we must do.
Live for the Lord and know everything he promised will come true.

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