The Plea Of Mother Earth

You kept tearing me apart, you kept lacerating my heart.
You put my forests on fire, to fulfill your greed and desires.
My animals were in pain, but you only gauged your gain.
My plants were drying, and you were deaf to hear them crying.
You destroyed their habitats, and eradicated their adobe,
Oh!!! Barbarous humans without humanity,
Your souls were blind to see me sob.
You draggled my land, and dried up my rivers,
You blotched my air and your hands didn't shiver.
You consumed my resources, using all outlawed forces.
You extirpated all my creatures, leaving and distorting my features.
You're not ashamed to be so callous, stop it now, stop being so merciless.
Let me breathe, let me grow and revive,
Let me be green for all, so my ecosystems could survive.
I'll not take it anymore, I'm almost done,
My flora and fauna is dying, It's not fun.
I'll show you my powers, now I will play my role,
I'll lock you down, and take my control.
My birds will chirp and fly, my dolphins will dance again,
My waters will be crystal clear and my clouds will pour rain.
I am The Mother Nature, remember I'm the supreme,
I will find ways to take it back, and leave you to scream.
© Anku Sharma

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