The Plea

To my Persecutor,
I am guilty, blame the crime
Convictions, I have made scarce in light of those public
Overshadowed are my wrongs, when someone leads me wrong.
That begs the question.
Guilty or not Guilty?
The personal witness of the witnessed.. Me.
Builds bias, yet learns conviction of self in self.
In that I meet my persecutor.
Subtle lies, true lies.
Innocent, But How?
Because the followers aren't the guilty, just got caught right? No!
Lies... Now, the Truth.
Guilty/No Excuses.. Just Understanding.
I look now in this light acknowledging my mistakes.
Insane attempts at growing up,
corrupt guidance, self-influenced grief.
To not admit guilt in any light would prove ignorant.
To say just the same, I am not Human
Instead, I understand myself and the community of peers
in which I've invited to influence me
Success! Only this one most valuable, for i have learned. Thank You.
I ask you now for understanding, The Plea.. Life lesson learned
And you..
You ask, how I plead.. GUILTY

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