The Poem, It Be

The door is there
Whether you choose to open it
It's up to you
Should you go forth
Then you must
Go forth
Not a step in the door
More than just a peek of the head over the floor
Both feet in
Walk confidently, head high on your expedition
Run your hands across and through the dark walls
Halls upon halls upon halls
Let it run through your fingers
Clutch it all?nothing that lingers
Every sensation through the fingertip
Passion climbs through your body, slithering, squeezing through
Drip by drip
Let it lead you through the ambiguous, murky waters of wit
Eyes slowing adjusting?trust it
Bit by bit
Like a clock on the wall: always moving, yet always still
For a lifetime, it can fulfill
You're here
The treasure, it is
The brilliance, it is
The beauty, it is
The poem, it be

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