The poem of Corona virus

Once upon a time there was a virus named corona
It was a pandemic but unlike the plague there was no bad aroma.
Its crown was made of proteins and its layer of fats
It was researched and found out it was susceptible to both humans and cats.
In 1720s there was an outbreak, the reason were rats
By the year 2020 there was another one, this time it were the bats
Economy crashed and the lungs were filled with pus
The nature started healing, sho wing us we're the real virus.
Families reunited, we were safe and sound all due to those hardworking folks...those kings and queens un-crowned.
It has been more than two months and we are still without a vaccine I wish if we would have funded more to science than developing war. machines.
Only if we would have said no to war and yes to peace, there would have been an open door for this vaccine.
I salute to all those hero's on the border and in the hospitals
I stop here by reminding this is a poem and not a news article.

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