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I'm not a planner. I just sort of go with the flow plan
the flow and come up with ideas.
As I go my notes. I wrote to boat sink along.
I'm a drifter without an aim in my own my mind living alone asleep eternally. Then finding not in reality because reality
to me it's not complete.

The reality deceased in my brain everything is perfectly alive write to the
momentum decide the way.
I perceive it anyway died even slide mud.
The fantasy is the allure for me not pointless acts of glass shots.

The plan that's over will give haphazard often not moves of equity to no
happiness; for me regions oh greet to often does.
Then I critically think seeking meaning and things as in a chess game
but to entertain the thought.
Accept this involves life views expressed do not represent the intended target. Whenever, I make the right move then remembering a pattern
of letters.

I will succeed to bleed poetic please.
My idea of success is a belief known in deep a complex pattern a puzzle
complement to the auxiliaries derived.
I even will go as far to say a formation formula
a difficult very the sense my thoughts walk without talk so raw.

What am I saying?
It is that money can be the reason to keep living is of no value to me.
That you at least understand?
I do need that money people who seek need it, those who don't, don't need it. These are worthy of correspondence literary meetings.
My success will be my freedom my peace reading my end my death
my safe my comfort exceedingly.

This is inside my world.
I have kept agreed now being the one that broke the social norms, that's my word. In it to help myself in turn able a seal of a new fate.
Not from god everything to discard
there it was meant for anyone that is left good.

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