The Poet’s Cafe

I finally found the Poet's Café
above the street one flight
a refuge from more worldly ways
upon this rain-drenched night
souls like candles flicker here
warmth, hope, insight
while ghosts less known
linger near, dancing in the night
I mourn the loss of the reckless and wild
adrift, at sea, their plight
tossed about swirling blue tides
submerging their birthright
but the sun above
shines with love
here at the Poet's Café
and love will heal the pain of loss
here at the Poet's Café
I greet my friend
Zach in the back
and Shakespeare on his right
shall I join? My family's here
yes, I think, I might
and there's a table
I sense might enable
me to reach my height
sturdy upon, oak planked floors
and as a tree upright
my poetry book
with my mood
grows finer as I write
plumbing my darkest moods
transformed by styled insight
softening my recoil
unmasking primal fright
basic truths flow like coffee here
here at The Poet's Cafe

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