The Point Of Distress

Bias running, swimming, filling
So called the news, So called democracy
I am not truly represented
Standing for justice, tranquility, liberty, prosperity
We The People promise swept under the rug
Huzzah for when progress finally prevails
My views nor anyones are perfect and better
But together, with diversity and minding insight
We break free and earn the title a Great Nation
And achieve new feats

I spy, no, I am bombarded with
A war in politics and on beliefs
A war on 'the other' mentality
Life is filled with unbalance, inequality, ill respect
We cannot even fathom the wreckage of humanity
Try to help, hear, and heal because hope is not enough
Are we seeking openness, serenity, acceptance, a better nation?
Free her of the deep ruts of conflict and the rat race for power
Us, millennials have a shaky foundation on which to build
Please win back my glowing patriotism
Come on representatives, citizens, businesses, churches
Have empathy, value fluid discussions, listen!
Unity makes better choices.

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