The Potter’s Wheel

Unseen is the accelerator
Bore down upon
Slowly, steadily
With careful conviction
And the wheel begins to turn
Slowly, steadily
With first restraint

Soft, consistent
The weighty lump of mineral
Begins its uneven rotation
Momentum gaining,
Its umber tint merely a hint
And the wheel spins on

Whirling, the marl is dampened
Twirling, the slurry spreads
Unyielding hands manipulate the
Silky, refining earth
Conforming it to the tempo
Of the wheel

The earth once graceless
Begins to take shape
As his sculpting fingers dance
Along the slip-coated surface
What was once a secret
To only his mind’s eye
Casts away its cloak of mystery
Revealing its beauty to all

Unseen is the accelerator
No longer bore down upon
Slowly, steadily
With careful conviction
Its revolutions die
Slowly, steadily
With final effort

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