the pouring rain

The Rain was pouring down
The drops of rain coming down in an infinite amount was all you could hear
The Rain kept pouring down
Any human it could have drowned
Any woman it could have silenced
She was trying, but no one heard the screaming
So the woman changed her tune
“Singing in the rain” was what she hummed
But the words she never sang
The words she kept locked up in her heart, deep away
To sing with the rain was only a pipe dream
A pipe dream she’d live on by silently dancing
Existing in the middle of dreams and reality
Never getting to see if she sang beautifully
Because that meant the possibility of failing
Of singing the wrong tune and awfully wailing
What was worse never trying or sounding too hoarse?
If someone else came along to harmonize, it wouldn’t really be her course
Maybe she could give it a try and learn
So the woman sang in the rain very quietly so it would be of no one’s concern
But let me tell you she got her practice Mister
She sang quietly in the rain every day until her voice box got blistered
No one could hear her, but it was better than the World’s most high-quality operas
It was music from the soul making pain into opportunities
It was the woman’s heartbreak singing beautifully in the rain
This was how she extinguished fear from her brain
She released the lyrics because she was damn tired of the mental anguish
However, she’d go slowly because the heartbreak only came out in soft English
Maybe you’ll see her next time the rain is pouring
But don’t join her in her heart she is pawning
Stand there in admiration while the rain keeps pouring

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