The Power of Forgiveness

So someone hurt your feelings. They said something that was rude.
Maybe someone just left you hanging, and you felt a bit confused.
Did the one you love break your heart to the point of no return?
Did they shatter the trust, it took so very long for them to earn?
So what if someone bullied you, when you were a kid in school?
They humiliated you in front of the rest because you weren't "cool."
Maybe someone left you out, didn't include you in their plans,
or maybe a disgruntled neighbor built a fence upon your land.

When someone jumps in front of you in the long line at the store,
or a coworker takes credit for something you worked very hard for,
take a few deep breaths, and think things through before you act.
Remember what your mom always said, "You are better than that."
People are only human. Everyone makes mistakes, and there is
no set limit to how many they may make.

Set your anger aside. Remember forgiveness is the key.
Sometimes it's better to let things ride, to simply leave it be.
You'll feel better about yourself, for being so forgiving,
and others may see your positivity, and change their way of living.
The power of forgiveness is where happiness begins,
and arguing is a waste of time because no one truly wins.
By holding a grudge, you're only torturing yourself. Don't you see?
Passiveness is courageous, and forgiveness sets us free.

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