The power of forgivness

Poem By:Justin Bennett

This world can be a beautiful place, but it's also filled with disgrace.
Everyone has someone on each shoulder, It's which one we choose that brings order.

We can study the evil that walks the earth, Or we can view the one that brings the birth.
The ones damned with the voice thats colder, Couldn't listen to the right one on their shoulder.

There's a reason why they couldn't deny,the same one that made them cry.
Everyone has a voice they chose, and it's a daily struggle everybody knows.

Life is given one day at a time, each new day a new chance to shine.
Everyone deserves a life to live, another new day for repent to give.

To judge is very easy to do, but you have to realize they could be you.
You didn't have to walk in their shoes,You don't know why the voice they choose.

If you were lucky you lived a life, the voice didn't cut as deep with the knife.
We all have a voice to chose, It's a daily battle which one will lose.

Some are blessed to see the light, the one we follow that is right.
If we truly see this path, we help the ones that need the bath.

We are truly equal down inside,everyone needs love to have pride.
To listen to the right one on our shoulder, we understand why people listen to the one that's colder.

All we can do is live our lives, and help those who were cut so deep with those knives.
Life is too short not too truly be, the person that the good voice lets you see.

Life Is really a beautiful place, don't judge those who were treated with disgrace.
Again their is a reason why, they listen to the voice that made them cry.

Everyone can look and see a sin, not everyone can see the good within.
But if you truly understand, You help the people that need our hand.

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