The Power that be
O.Philosophical S.bele

His love is slow, his love is deep
His love is the power, the power that lies within me
He observes all her flaws, he analyzes her on top and underneath
He leads the path beneath the surface and the heel of her feet
He holds the key to her heart, even in separation, they’re still not apart
For their love continues to burn, as the power of the ego continues to yearn
It must be tamed, the beast within, so that the soul in return may discern
The inner deep secrets of this life, the life you were never taught, you will learn
With the renewing of the mind, you gain wisdom, hope, and the power in return
Empty yourself of everything you’ve been told, seek and you shall find the window seat to your soul
It lies within the eye between the eyes, the spiritual truth untold
It holds a death grip to your whole being, seeking dominion, the power to control
It comes with a burning fire inside, can iou obtain it, can iou behold
The overseer, the guide, the head light of your head of household
Here lies the power, the power to manifest, the power to control
It’s called unconditional love, feed it the purest, only the best deserves your soul

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    This Poems Story

    Its a true love story of two people that has a burning desire for each other but can't seem to come together in peace among others. The Divine Masculine and Feminine. Star Crossed lovers.