“The Power to Stop the Bleeding”

From the bleeding wounds to the wounds that won’t heal.
Both internal and external I find myself unable to heal.
My cries are silent from the pain I feel.
There is no surgery or Band-Aids to stop this bleeding, I’ve tried to cover the wounds, but I’m still bleeding.
If you can stand to get close or stare into my eyes you’ll see ruptured blood vessels from this agonizing pain. I suffer from abandonment, lies, rape, violence, broken promises, false hope, porn addictions, adultery, suicide attempts, abortions, longing to be loved, and poverty to name a few.
I’m cursed!
I’ve come to this church seeking something I’ve never known. They call themselves Christians, but why is it I don’t belong? They say this is like a hospital a place to receive healing, but why is it I’m still bleeding?
Does anyone notice this pain I feel? You see me bleeding but won’t help me heal. These cuts and gashes have been exposed for years. I’ve been contaminated and left infected but I still need to be healed.
The smile I once had is covered in blood. The thoughts in my head leave me for dead.
Some don’t approach me and if they do their wearing invisible gloves or a hazmat suit in fear of getting contaminated.
At some point I’ll bleed to death, when is the question I ask myself. I can no longer hide in shame or continue living in fear. Someone witness to me and be sincere!
Show me God’s love in you, make me a believer, or my death is on you.

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