The Prayer


I'm tired weak hungry and poor
Oh Lord Oh Lord I don't think I can take anymore
My hands are frozen
My heart just skipped a beat
I think my feet are now frozen from lack of heat
I have been living out here for weeks on end
Ok Lord is it time for this test to end?
My home has burned down
My family has died
Night after night all I do is cry
I pray for you Lord Jesus
Time after time
Maybe your just too busy to hear mine
A warm bed something to eat
Maybe just an extra pair a socks to warm my feet
The nights are getting colder
Which makes it even harder to bare
I still pray for you Lord Jesus to keep me in your care
As I lay my head down on this ice cold bench
I close my eyes and hear a voice just above my head
Come with me my child for I did hear yours
Your pain and suffering
You shall feel no more.

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