The Prayer of The Undefeated

Oh father bless me with the strength to fight. Because hell does more than look at me in spite. I am young and weak and if I didn't know better my chances would be bleak. Giving up though would not mean death. Defeat would not force me to draw my last breath. It would do much worse. It would be a terrible self inflicted curse. It would simply be a life thrown in the trash. Not much better than a pile of ash. God given potential turned to an unpaid debt. Only ever becoming the devil's favorite pet. But I am not the simple wanderer, for I do not fear the conqueror . I will not fear when the gates of hell look my way. .No such evil will stand in my way. You told me before you sent me here. "It'll be hard and long, but don't shed a tear. Because I am your father and you are my son. You have a rough road ahead with great things to come." So no, I will not become the Devil's trophy or his pet. Because the day fast approaches when he will tremble at my step. And The devil only fights his
hardest. When his prey is the brightest and will go the farthest. I know that this road is not easy. And I'm not asking to be lazy. Just for the strength to win the battle. And the courage to test my mettle. So Father I ask thee for the strength to fight. Hell is going to do more than look at me in spite. So today I will rise above the simple wanderer and become your conqueror.

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