The Preaching Reaper

Preaching, Preaching, Preaching
my peers enter my ears with it
and all I hear is
Screeching, Screeching, Screeching

nails are hammered to a chalkboard
grapes are drying in the sun
Clothes clammer to find the washboard
A child loses the meaning of fun

I'm a believer, not a leaver
I'm a lover, not a take-the-back-seater
a learner, turn up the heater
my mind is a knowledge seeker,
Soul's a wisdom breather
braver when I turn off the thing that says
"You're a creature hater"

True a la cynicism:
the false mind finds itself rondo
Humans a la carte got divisions in 'em
not me; I'm baking with song dough
Humans who "have lots of smart"
yet no one's hissin' with 'em
Peace in my hand worth twice than
a good song tho

seeking, seeking, seeking, sought
I was sick but now I am
healing, seeing, speaking, taut
tethered to meaning
Orbiting love
both seeking in
and spreading outwards
not unlike an eagle and his wings

Oh yes my friend,
It is time for us to love again
a golden truth somehow locked up and molding
Jesus once said "here's some wine and bread"
and a river began flowing

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