The Predator

By LIZ   

Like a shadow in the daylight, it follows you
As you leave footprints of memories, it watches on
It awaits in silence and prepares to make its move
As the hour strikes, it makes a victim of us all.

Like a thief in the night it comes
It doesn't negotiate, it comes only to steal
It leaves no traces of any possible reason why
Once the job is done,, it makes a victim of another one.

In a blink of an eye it manouevers its way in
It gives no warning to its victim
Nor lets its victim prepare
Its intentions no one knows

It requires no permission from its victims
Never gives you a chance to disagree
It pretends as if it is never coming,
It surprises us all as it comes unexpectedly.

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This Poems Story

This is a story of a preditor called DEATH, the most feared predator. No matter how prepared you are to die, it's never your call to make.