The Predicament

Caught in the angst of it all,
Shattered and torn.
The relentless inconsistency between the heart and the soul,
Incredulously ,drained out all feelings from the heart so forlorn .
Bereft and crestfallen,
The mind seeked for answers to this predicament,
But the heart ever so foolish,
Clinged onto the ghostly past of a whimsical romance- never meant to be born.
Was letting go all just a charade?
A vague ploy of the mind ,
To beguile the world with a fictitious saintly soul,
One that the heart was almost certain didn't exist (or, did it?)
Regardless, of all the turmoil inside,
The mind was steadfast,
Refusing to deny him the elation,
It prognosticated her presence could bring..
Yet, the naive heart was in denial,
Too timid to let go of the love it so desired,
For in the end, it too knew,
He was its first too.

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