The Presense in Absence

A heart is an apple that hangs from the tree,
And pulls the structure down
It's tossed around by the wind and the storm
And is damaged by the world around

The apple is eaten by a stranger
Who thinks he deserves it
Maybe he does,
But now it is gone

He will sing a song
A song that's not sung is just a hum,
Buzzing in our minds
Warms our barren chests
Whistles in the empty space
So we feel whole again

The cold hurts my skin,
As it seeps out my body
I leave it to you to catch the drops,
Like acid off a marble statue

You catch the teardrop perfections,
So you can drink from your cup of cherry wine
Why do we look for the presence in absence?
We're so desperate to stay in this world

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