The Pride of a Tree

A lonely seed I was, confined in the darkness of the earth around me,
All alone, but then, a water droplet brought life into me.
I began to grow, reaching out of the cell that held me captive.
My tiny leaves began expanding with confidence and pride,
The glow of the heavenly star caused me to arise,
A sapling, still growing, still learning, still maturing
Into a splendid young tree, providing flowers, fruits, and shade.
People strode around me, they sat, stood, and laid
Seasons passed, I froze one day and lived freely the next
My leaves coming and going, blowing right past.
And soon I was too massive, they trimmed my branches
There was nothing I could do but to stand helpless.
But then I started to getting old, my leaves shriveled and died,
As did my trunk, my body, my life.
Long gone were the days where I stood tall and proud,
My life was filled with loneliness again like my first days.
As I reflected on my life, all the people, seasons, and years
A tall man approached me who reminded me of myself
He was young and arrogant, he stood staring at me.
He revealed his axe, so sharp, so vain.
And I was helpless again, alone and in pain.
"Young man," I told him. "Do what you must."
And he stabbed my heart with a painful thrust.
As my life disappeared before my very eyes,
I saw the same gloom in his mind.
The glorious agony of a dead being.

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