The printed footsteps of the past

Forever will their alacrity to commit development and success
To our country remain in our remembrance
Lets ajar the curtains of the world of the dead
To plead for their unfinished visions into our palms

Salutations of mountain everest
Won't suffice their required respects
Their agog to feel and fondle success in their country is aggrieved
By their limited life span

Their names is being mention even in the world of the fishes
And the forest of apes
Poverty and undevelopment is agoraphobic in their midst
Their legacy of good vision and selfless attitude is crown king
Their pictures remain in our views

Our motherland will hail loud their names around the globe
Beneath and above the earth
Their works is kept in the book of forever-remembering
They are the printed footstep of the past

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This Poems Story

This poem is about our past presidents and individuals who have had a great vision and developmental plan to implement on our beloved country but could not finish due to their limited life span