The prolonged agony

By EJ   

This illusion that saddens every moment,
Yes, it gives enough strife and torment
How could anyone make it foment,
When it’s difficult and full of torrent?
Lucky enough if found wearing a smile,
But this could destroy a file-
Be careful with what you pile,
If you don’t want a lifeless lie.
Come with me and listen to my story,
I’ll tell you what is meant by reality,
Don’t hesitate to ask everything to me,
Though I know you’re not interested fully.
Don’t you ever think what matters inside?
The irrationality which I could not confide?
Spare me your ears and do not collide-
I’ve known this far, please don’t divide.
Affection is only a feeling from within,
But it is as precious as a gem in a tin,
Once it is broken and trashed in a bin,
Your heart’s beat would be like a din.
I owe you this before it vanishes-
My heart is not pure, full of blemishes,
But then don’t make me feel so heartless,
This love is true, genuine and endless.
There’s no way I could do with this
I’m afraid this could not end as a bliss
Do I have the right to tell you that I miss
The day when you and me had a first kiss.
I promise myself to remain strong -
But, how much do I have to stay this long,
If my days are numbered and prolonged,
Like an agony, everything went wrong?

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This Poems Story

Hi, I’m Ej, from the Philippines. This poem is about a one-sided love of a person towards a girl he really likes from the start. Could there be a chance to win her heart?