The Promise

As the wind gently flows across the pale gentle face
and the moonbeam shines down,
my eyes open to see the full moon that lightens the entire night.
Turning my eyes to the attention of the deepest shadows
beneath the flame to look for guidance,
standing to look forward to walk in the midst of the night,
the man that once opened my heart stands in the distance,
with a beaming glow reminding me that he is always there.
"But how could you?"my voice questions him.
"How could you leave me without one ounce of letting me know?
Why did you come to me after the fact?
I loved you once and you chose. You didn't return for me."
Looking down a stream of tears began to flow down
the side of my face.
At a moment I feel the gentle hand of fate wipe away the tears
and gently lift my face to look at his blue eyes.
His voice calm and sweet replies,
"It is not that I didn't love or care for you.
It is the fact you needed to live your life.
We knew what would happen in the end."
As he continues to speak he lifts my hand to his heart,
"You will always be here, for you gave me your love.
I haven't left you and I will always be by your side."
His other hand gently carresses my face,
"I came to you to let you know and I myself had questions.
But don't ever think I will leave your side.
You are beautiful and happy, and remember that love is in all forms.
Life changes and the world we knew changed,
but I am here now as promised."

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