The Promised Poem

I tell you I am no poet,
So we begin with a tale,
Two figures across the globe,
Stretching out, to no avail...
But despite the tests,
Of time and space,
Despite the pain,
That they both face,
Despite the things,
That they misplaced,
They show to fate,
That they set the pace.

I tell you not as a poet,
But as a friend,
I tell you not in a story,
But in these words that will never end...
The time we shared,
It cannot break,
You can shed a tear,
I've shed a lake,
You're no less strong,
I'm no less fake,
The embers burn,
And they will soon take.

This isn't a poem,
It's a message to you,
You're the strongest person,
That I ever knew...
I wish you could rest,
But I know you have fears,
I wish you could cry,
But you feel you need to hide your tears,
I know you and care,
For over 8 years,
And I'll continue to care,
That much, to me, is clear.

I tell you this is no poem,
But a promise of hope,
Because this isn't over,
Until next time, we'll cope...
I hope that together,
We'll both be okay,
And I hope that in time,
You'll float back this way,
And as much as you hate it,
You know I must say,
That I really do know,
We'll meet again... Someday.

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