The promises accepted by the stranded lady

The promises accepted by the stranded lady.

You promised; you will love me
Even in hard times,
Even when the sun burns out,
Water refuses to turn down,
Mothers swallow their children,
Fathers choke their families;
Flowers foul,
Love dies;
And devil rules.

You will hold my hand,
Even when I will not be sure of your touch.
You will pull my arm,
Close to your chest,
Give a thump to my breast;
I will recognize the touch
And evoke mine in the breast.

With tears rolling down my eyes
You will press me tight,
Against the very chest in which you said was my rest.
You won’t care about the dear shirt
You bought on a spring day;
You promised: you will hide me in your Parisian court
And squeeze me till death.

With your heart thumping up and down:
You said it was me it lacked
And my body was its very zest;
You called me heart and beat;
After you impressed my spirit
By your kisses on my brow.
You talked life without me was death.

Today when I lie with a distorted face,
With thumps and prints the same;
You give the go-by,
Saying: our love meant nothing to-be.

Showed me the very back
On which’s support our body lay while I kissed you carelessly.
You held the door with the very hand
which once promised togetherness

I will now call this sinisterness.
No dab to my shatters,
No warmth to ease my drowning soul.
Both stranded ‘Me’.
With memories I was marooned;
I banged my senses,
A cold blow to my rage.
Goblin! Fiend! Apollyon!

I heard the tear.
The power with which it cracked.
The intensity by which it was electrocuted.
Maleficent! Fanatic! Belial!

I gave myself a cold smile
And remembered:
Babe. Did you forget who claimed Satan?
Masked as love i went,
Pushed you to heaven,
Smiled and laughed:
Kissed the unborn.

If you see me:
Spit on your chest
For deception was its only zest.


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