” The promises of our Government “

We live in the home of the brave, spilled blood by so many for all to live peaceful and free.

Where a price is paid for our opinions, so do we really have freedom of spfree?!

Someone's son,father and mother are sent off to fight in a war.

The more time that goes by they wonder, what they're even it fighting for.

A servicemans duty has ended and now on a flight he is homebound.

Now haunted with the memories from battle, that could be triggered by a familiar sound.

One war has now ended and some time has passed most soldiers a forgotten face.

Who fought for our rights of freedom but now they feel so out of place.

We have become a nation devided, by indifference and hate in our hearts.

Entitled opinion and religious beliefs cause humanity to be torn apart.
With the sweat on our brow and callused rough hands its taxes where our last dime is spent.
So with rose colored glasses like fools still we wait for the promises of our government.

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