The Protector Of Sorrows

Love ripples through the waves,
cool, and yet ever so comforting, pulling me in and then
pushing me away. Warm sand comforts me as I nestle
in my towel, embracing the warmth of the sun against my neck
The sun scans over the sky, protecting its followers against
the cruel winter blues. Sun tan lotion, with its subtle
scent of coconut, brings me solace in the change from pale to
bronze that my body will soon under take
Resisting temptations which begins to whisper in my ear
Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring the sweet sound of the bell tickles my ear as
my stomach cries out for comfort. Appearing only an arms length away,
the Italian ice teases me like a mirage in the dessert
Sitting and waiting for the hustle and bustle to simmer down,
the emptiness around me adds an adjusted perspective,
time relaxes its hours into minutes, and then into seconds
slowing down to complete stillness
My imagination floats on like clouds through the sky,
filling me with pure bliss, placing a smile on my face
as the sun smiles back at me. A gentle breeze runs down
my soft skin and blows my hair away from my face
Slowly stretching out, I wipe my crusted eyes and discover
my true reality.

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