The Psychic Of The Titanic!

I close my eyes and lay on my chaise
I'am having a vision, Oh my God! Please have faith!
What is going on? I'm spinning like crazy, Have I died and risen?
SILENCE! Everything stops, Can you hear the Phonograph, Listen?
A bright light breaks in and immensly enters
Everybody is dancing, I'm in the center
Of a luxurious ship called the "RMS Titanic"!
The "Unsinkable Ship", There will never be panic
I keep disappearing and appearing elsewhere
Now I'am at the boiler compartment, Is this nowhere?
I can hear them talk, There will be thermal explosion
What? Now everybody's full of emotions
An iceberg is near, It will cause catastrophic fear
O.k, O.k, O.k. Let's hurry up and get in gear
BOOM! An iceberg has hit the heart of the Titanic
No! This can't be happening, Everybody is in manic
Alarms sounds, We are in automatic lockdown
We send out distress signals, Now we all frown
All crew members help and are trying their best
We all gather together and try to save the rest
Trying to be hopeful, Hold on tight and be rescued
We are all trying to be helpful, May God bless you!
The power of the sea is too strong!
I'm sad to say It won't be long...
I disappear again, In a chair sitting at the movie theater
Next to me is James Cameron, WOW! Award winner!, He is the leader!
On such a well written and directed movie, He is so great!
It's obvious the heavens made sure that It was fate!
The presentation Mr. Cameron intrigued us with his mind!
He knows there is a connection and he knows he's fine!
It was like he was there, The way It was done...
From happiness and joy, How sad, Some were gone...
I'am very glad, Some made It and live to tell it!
They are the lucky ones, Some traumatized, Candles lit
From wind and waves turning into the dark sea
Chandaliers, Top hats, Extraordinary people having tea
The Captain in his suit looking smashing
Crew members looking good and dashing
Making sure everything is in order and there are no mistakes
Ordering Brandy, Champagne, Wine goes very well with steaks
Tragic hits, Wreckage and damaged metal
Oh My God, I cannot believe the cheap coal was lethal!
Some survivors were saved by lifeboats
They are still trying to keep the ship afloat
AAAHHH!!! Pieces of debris, Flying in your mouth
OOOHHH!!! It's in "3D", WATCHOUT!!!
The Titanic then breaks in half
What a tragic story, Everyone is sad
And now I'am so MAD! MAD! MAD!
WHOAH! Thank God I'm back in my pad
I'am so confused right now, What should I do?, Should I leave?
Is this going to come out true or is this just make believe?
This felt too real, I just realized I had a psychic vision!
Then you know what? It is going to be my mission!
I'am going to write a book! All the sales will rise!
How terrible my book wasn't published, It could of saved many lives!
100 years ago today! April 15, 1912. Everyone waiting for this day
Remembering the lives that lived and also passed away
The bodies that were recovered in the Icy cold waters of the North Atlantic
And the rest of the remains that went down with the "RMS TITANIC"!

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