The Pull

I look down and I see my body lying there,
Cold, dead.
There is no noise, but I see the flashing lights.
I see all the people gathered, like a party,
Thrown just for me.
I notice my parents,their eyes filled with tears.
But not of joy,I wonder why?
I feel a tug, like a rope around my waist
Pulling me up.
I'm not ready, so I fight it.
I sink closer to my body.
I hear a voice telling me it is time.
"Time for what?", I reply.
Time to go. The tugging begins again.
I am not ready, so I fight it once more.
I fall closer to my body.
I feel a pull. My vision goes dark.
I open my eyes and see my mom.
I take my first breath and taste the smoke in the air.
My first thought?
I have just left the
Perfect, blissful Heaven
And re-entered the
Pain and despair we call life
And I couldn't be happier.
It wasn't my time. Only I can decide.

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