The Queen of All My Dreams

The Queen's crown rests upon her head
And sits atop her golden strands of hair.
With her eyes of changing oceans blue and green,
Lips elegantly tinted pink as bleeding hearts,
And skin white and soft as snow,
She is the object of my infinite adoration.

Ruling just and fair with her kind heart and gentle face,
Her beauty compares to no other
And my heart would break into a million pieces,
As would the kingdom we built together,
If the Queen leaves one day.

A darkness would loom over in the skies,
The sun would not shine,
The moon would disappear from the night sky,
The stars would cease to show their radiant light,
And every living being would die,
As if the universe itself were weeping for the lose of the Queen.

As I walk with the Queen I am always on guard,
Protecting her and our unborn prince from harm
In a hate filled world
For they do not see the Queen as I do,
Sitting upon her golden throne at my side,
I see the ravishing Maiden for who she truly is,
The Queen of all my dreams.

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