The Queen’s letter 8

Where the candles chase away the darkness, o'dear husband there an stranger in
my heart. From heaven descend who voices shall I call dear husband to chase
away your decree? Meaning dewell wisdom thy sister eternal song letting be see
the way thru. A strange song this has become? Elohim son Yeshua do not stir to
my sight. The souls dies in departure suffer torments their hope is death
immortality, For putting me here dear husband thus you put a stranger in my
heart? Shadows come forth to know me, these strange spirits know me not. for I
am not their mother? I got blood on my name, our children are never gonna be
the same. My eyes has grown old with that dirty song, Shame no grief lost sleep
has known death. Laughter that has shaking agony that have shaking death my
punishment the same. Giving no ear to hear me and or my screams thus I go away
slowly without sight, o'dear husband I alone say to you there a stranger in my
The most blessed who have hid in the dark, Peace unshaking by death undying
singing, And night give way to my punishment from which way I go, breaking my
chad to delight your words on my lips?! Did I once see you in that daybreak
visiting me softy thru the suffering I did place on my spirit? o'dear husband
who is this stranger in my heart? Secretly a lost dying limb broken to be
reborn, That grin a house of mirth only to fall in a unsafe rest, So lonely a
rare gift, The years unhope serene, Our sons and their immortality, Our
daughters born unmarry, they are subjects with joy and pain and their
inheritage brought our of death, Shake away this stranger in my heart to again
bring me forth to your heart kingdom and let me live again?! there by the rich
shies stay the peace of radiance that is touch by YAH wonder that stirs alone.
I have drowned, I have died, I have set aside my foolish? I alone ask that you
set aside this stranger in my heart.

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