The question

As you jump off the roof of your school building you think what went wrong, Was it when I was born into this nation? No, I can’t control my skin color. This nation set me up since the day I was born into this world. They think they have the right to put me down because I’m an African American in this society. I’m supposed to be strong no one to talk to my situation is my situation someone else’s problems are my problem though.The police pull me over I’m scared for my life they put a gun to my face and how is that right can’t talk to anyone though it’s my problem but I’m only human no one can do it all that what led me to this I many of reasons truly. All I can Think about is the bad and that death is the most peaceful option as I land on the cement my blood pours out and I figure out blood truly is thicker than water. I thought I would die on impact but I felt everything even though I was in pain I felt relief as I took my final breath.

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