The Question

Pain is what brought me into this world...
Pain is what reminds me that I am still alive.
Pain is what occurs when the illusion of what you thought love was crashes down, revealing that your shallow infatuation was nothing more than a fictitious fantasy which you foolishly fancied.
As the feelings fade you fear this brave new world and your wandering thoughts begin to wonder,
"Is pain still pain if it finds meaning?
If hellish hurts reveal heaven's hand, is the light defiled or the darkness blessed?
If in wondrous wounds we find salvation,
Should we not rejoice in our sufferings?"
Perhaps pain perfects imperfect people.
There may still be meaning for our crazed minds.
It may be that it is only in a broken heart where love may begin to blossom.
I once heard of a Middle Eastern Son who blessed the mourning, perhaps it was because it is only after tears that our vision becomes clear once again.
Perhaps there is a Salvific meaning to Suffering.
At the end of the day a Polish man said it best, "Suffering is always a mystery."
For if suffering serves a purpose, is it still suffering?

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