The Race For Time

Time is passing by like floats in a
parade.While our children dreams
are being shattered by society's
Counterfeit personalities has set
the population a new high,like the
teardrops that fall from an infant's
eyes after the outburst of a cry.
Where can I find refuge,from these walls
of insanity?So I can escape the wrath
of disaster and be rescued by the arms
of serenity.
Can I soar on the wings of triumph,
or gallop on the legs of victory?
Is there a special place of comfort
for the sake of humanity?
Can my mind be free from the shackles
of history?While crippled thoughts evaporate
like the waves that has ceased from the
raging sea.
Will I ever find the peace,that gives me a
since of relief, or will my mind forever remain
in prison an give over to defeat?

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