The Raging Beast

By Da Poet   

How to tame the raging beast that lives within;
such a daunting task where do I begin?
Like a coin with two sides, but only one side wins,
however, you make the choice so let the process commerce.

Like a raging bull which charges your way,
after invading his space ain’t no time for play.
There’s no difference with us after we are wronged,
for it’s a matter of choice, for the war path we long.

An automatic response often takes flight,
it’s in our nature to want to fight.
It’s been this way since the beginning of time,
but you hold the option to change your mind.

Breaking the pattern that Cain brought forth,
why not set sail and plot a new course?
Be slow to anger, be slow to speak,
although this choice may deem you weak.

I offer this enlightenment to challenge you,
to be the bigger, better person all the way through.


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