The Rain

Some feel the rain while others get wet,
And for the longest time I was that other
I got drenched and felt nothing but the cold
So after continuously getting sick under grey skies,
I went out and bought a multitude of umbrellas
And what a marvelous thing it was,
Never again was I to be cold and sopping wet

It was but a while later when I forgot my umbrella
And was faced with a terrible downpour
So I began to run desperately to get out of the storm
Just as I had reached shelter from those clear bullets,
I slipped

Landing in a puddle and helplessly watching others walk around me,
I braced myself for the slippery shivers to overtake my body
And it was then that I realized I was drenched,
But I never felt the cold water that clung to me
Lightning could have struck me but it would never compare
To the lightning that had already struck my soul,
Electrifying me as I gazed amongst grey skies
Each drop reached out and welcomed me,
Every splash cried my name

I finally felt the rain

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