The Rain Song

By Neelu   

The thirsty ground
was groaning like a catfish, the plants were looking at the sky
like a bird of pray;
The bent shrubs were dreaming in the wet-dark days, the grain -herd animals
all wanted only the silver rain.

At the end of the long -waited rain came the earth,
like nectar,
danced with joy,
dead water bodies,
dried up paddy fields,
sick creatures;
At that moment, a storm of peace
swept across country;
The wound healed
was as thin-minded;
Gone are all the sorrows and griefs.

The ground is wet, like a cotton pillow
soaked in the pouring rain;
Soaked tree branches, stems and roots
as far as the ground;
The whistle of the cricket and hopping of grasshopper
soaked in the crystal clear water of peace, the melody of peace -the symphony of compassion
has spread in the weary meadows,
paper boats sailing along the trickle of rain water.

Ah, the nectar drops of rain!
The rain of expectations after much waiting,
Yet why deep depression? What do you want on a
relentless rainy day with a concave heart?

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Rain brings prosperity, happiness and good harvest.