The Rambling Rose


Oh! the beauty that you see
When you take time to visit me.
Just stop for a few seconds and smell
I am so heavenly while on earth I dwell.

I was made for Kings and Princesses so fair,
But I have the same beauty, whenever I'm there.
I grow on the fences, I grow on the ground
For the rich and the poor, Where can I be found?

I grow in castles, or just on the farm
It matters not to me just where I am born.
People rush by in a hurry you say,
But oh don't you know this could be your last day?

Where are you going? Where have you been?
What are doing just listening to men?
My maker who created this beauty so fair,
Has time for you, He really does care!

He made me for you, to enjoy and smell,
So take time for this beauty
While on this earth you do dwell!

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