The Rape Ballad

Dear brothers, what is this evil I hear?
Tales of brothers, daddies, and Uncles so eerie to tell.
We lived once and loved all as a family in no fear,
and a female was not just a woman
with bosom and a rare view for a lustful stare.
But a stare should do no harm so if it stopped there,
this ballad would have had no story to tell.

So brothers, what have you done?
You look at a baby girl with lust in your eyes,
young teenage girls you strip with your eyes.
Is there an age for whom you defile
and leave with memories they could only wish were lies?

Brother man, this evil called rape you dispense
indeed to the young and the old,
the timid and the bold,
the lady with skimpy clothes;
it was her fault, a false tale you told.
The unconsenting wife, girlfriend, child;
you rape cause you are rouge..
She’s mine, so it’s not rape
another lie you told.

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