The Rapture

Can you feel my rapture feel my flow.
The rhythm in my heart screaming go go go.
Telling me to trust and love you with every
breathe I take with every beat in my heart.
Been in love with you from the very start.
Paused for a moment mentally trapped in time
embracing the love that is emotionally divine.
Chasing a spirit of love never had
no longer mad simply glad to have you here,
embraced in love never in fear.
Please don't go promise me forever.
No numbers or deaths can keep me in slumber.
Take away my pain and erase my fears,
educate my love and preach the feeling.
Healing the open wound from a timeless past.
Will it last know one knows.
But the show must go on and it's not a one man show.
Here to grow don't waste time,
share your thoughts envision the race.
Keep the flow keep the pace. Timeless treasures.
Don't rush thing but remember special moments

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