The Raven and the Wolf

The Raven crowed clearly as it flew
Swiftly through the misted air
Reciting a song of grief and sorrow
Lamenting her wisdom's despair

"Tomorrow, tomorrow,"
The Raven repeatedly did call
Through the morning's silver haze
Through the sky's mourning wall

The Wolf with coat like clouded sky
Heard The Raven's solemn yet enticing tale
And searched for her with lupine cries
Piercing through the thick silver veil

"Tomorrow, tomorrow,"
The Raven cawed an oracle's call
Shrouded in dense and misted curtain
On treetops bare from the coming fall

With desperation The Wolf did search
By sun and moon he followed sound
Calling for one beautifully unseen
But The Raven, she was never found

For The Raven stayed to skeleton heights
In the misty November's bitter deep
And Cursed to wander the earth, not sky
The Wolf, for love never known, did weep

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