The Raven’s Wing

They come in the night,cloaked by the Raven's glossy feathers
They stalk the streets with an eerie,almost deathlike silence
Flickering between the broken shards of glass and wood
Prowling through lost dreams and forgotten hopes

A flutter of life there,and they lunge
Capturing the quivering piece with a curled hand
Crushing it back into nothingness
The fist loosens and there is nothing left to hold onto
The lonely piece now non existent as the night it was first created
Their eyes open, more ferocity in them than before

They search, sweeping their empty gazes back and forth
The swish of a curtain there,the clicking of a lock here
They wait and listen;a sound echoes out into the silent night sky
A whimper of that which has been lost

They close in for the kill like ravenous wolves
They catch the newly found scent and pause on the edge of the shadows
Waiting for the perfect moment

A shrill scream sounds and they all feel the hatred as one
The predators were now riled
They closed in ranks but quickly jumped back
There was a trick thought here, a cunning trap there
They hissed and fled,shrinking back into the Raven's Wing

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