The real bliss

It was a cold chilly Christmas winter
With everyone tucked in their sweater
The wealthy owner expressed his happiness
And the poor father cried on his sadness
There the mansion beautifully glowed
And here the tears badly flowed.

The poor dad entered inside the mansion
With hope left as the only passion
He begged badly for food
Which changed the owners mood
The poor man was pushed out
Yet , he turned back
To read the banner outside the mansion
Which said "Christmas is all about sharing happiness."

The man returned sadly
"Daddy, we got gifts" shouted the little boy.
Someone had blessed them with gifts
The poor man returned back to the rich mansion.
"Push him out again " shouted the owner.
" Sir , I won't beg" promised the happy man then.
He placed a small gift and said
"I hope I am able to share
happiness as your banner says.
Happy Christmas sir" he finally said and left.

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