The Real Cool Kids at School

My Friends and I would avoid the outcasts, the losers, the weird.
It made us feel good, it made us feel cheered.
Tired from all I did that day, I closed my eyes a bit.
Thank god I never saw what was coming, for I would have avoided it.
I could not believe where I suddenly was, swaying through a bay.
I saw my friends all splashing and urging me to play.
But then I saw young Sally, sitting there alone.
Playing with her sand toys and sobbing on her own.
Had I known what my friends had done, excluded her from the games.
I surely would not have joined them for exclusion felt so lame.
But just like that my friends sunk into the deep blue
I screamed I cried for my friends had died
and I was now alone too.

For seconds I felt empty, not willing to move on.
I kind of hoped that at that moment I too would be gone.
I waited for a bit, moping in the sand.
But then came sally, next to me quietly grabbing my hand
And then I rose from the heat of my bed, tears lined down my face.
"I Wonder where that dream came from," my mind began to race.
Sally must've been sign to me, a signal from above.
That my friends were not friends, for they had never shown me love
My friends were not that great, they simply were not cool.
And when id hang around them I too acted cruel.
But without that moment I would not have realized
who the real cool kids were at school.

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