the real definition of beauty

The girl will ask how to be beautiful. She refers to looks, how she looks. She compares herself to others, and doesn’t feel any comfort from the mirror. But what is beauty? Beauty is the baby that can’t yet scrutinize her or another, her mind able to stay at ease. Beauty is the one that stays silent, but it makes her presents all that more compelling. Beauty is the one who is strong minded, she carries her playful characteristics behind a tantalizing one, and will show it to those who don’t judge. Beauty is one who has natural beauty, she holds a cordialness it hides behind enchanting presents, she wishes to be seen beyond her obvious. Beauty is the girl that survives on blending in but to those who see more are shown a jaunty side. Beauty is the elder who misses her youth, but lives it through her grand-kids. Beauty is any girl who looks in the mirror and has a true sight of who she is. Girls ask how to look beautiful. But beauty is something within like any other emotion. When you feel it you simply are.

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