The Real Me

There are people,
And they are looking constantly,
Looking at me,
When they do look,
I ask myself, what do they see?
When I look in a mirror, I see the inner me.
A girl that is fat, ugly, stupid, and worthless.
Yet, when other people look at me,
They see something I can't. The outer me.
They say I'm skinny, beautiful, perfect, and smart.
But, I don't understand.
Are my eyes betraying me?
Or are their eyes betraying them?
I can't tell which way is right.
When they call me these things,
I speak up and say,
"No it's not true. I know it's not true. I am fat, ugly, and stupid."
I stay headstrong with what I believe, and won't back down.
Yet, as I say this I don't know if it is true any more.
Who is the real me? And what she like?
Is she fat or skinny? Beautiful or ugly?
Smart or stupid? Perfect or worthless?
So I ask myself again, who is the real me?

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