The Real Me

Everyone wants me to be like them,
but i just want to be me.
They want lipstick, eyeshadow,jewelery,
I want none of that, i'd rather be a flea.
They want me to spend hours on the mirror like them,
I prefer no electronics on my hair.
They prefer it, though,
i dont really care.
They like tight clothing,
I like them better loose.
They scowl at me as if i'm not human,
and torcher me by pouring juice.
I don't care,
i'll be who i want.
They can pour juice on me,
They can taunt.
No matter what,
I am who i am.
Pigs can fly, owls can moo,
Can't anyone just get a clue?
So back off,let me be who i want,
you can shriek, you can haunt.
I don't care,
i'll be who i want.
I'll never change,
I won't, i shant.

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